wouldgodihadI remember while I was in college that I heard a very challenging sermon with the title, “Would God I Had or Thank God I Did.”  The idea was that as we go through life various opportunities cross our path.  Opportunities to love others, loved ones, souls, and even our enemies.  Opportunities to take advantage of new ideas that could change our lives or ministry.  Opportunities to give in kindness, even if it is a note or appreciation or a word of thanks.  There are so many situations like that which cross our paths on a daily basis.  I recall that we were recommended to read a book which you can find online called TRY GIVING YOURSELF AWAY!  You can read it by clicking on the link connected to the title.  I don’t think we realize as we live our lives for self gratification just how much we could mean to someone else by little acts of kindness.

This is the way I look at Automated Church Prospecting.  It gives you a way, if you have the love of Christ in your heart, to reach out to people in love, and believe me they will sense that you care, and mean something in their lives.  If you really care, you can create so many ways to use this system, it is amazing.  I have put some of my own ideas here on this site but other pastors have ideas that  are working great also.  I just spoke to a pastor today that has had so much success with this system that he has been running campaigns for a preacher friend and they have had great results.  Don’t tell me that this system does not work either.  If anything does not work, it is the person making the message or doing the campaign.  People on the other end know if you care, trust me.  The Spirit of God speaks even through the phone lines.

My challenge to everyone that has received our emails or visited our site is this:  What would you give for a chance to reach 10,000 people in your area with a loving message telling them  that you care for their need and want to pray for them?  How many people do you think will be angry with such a message.  Most people look at voice broadcasting as calls that come to the home and just make people annoyed.  Sure that is what happens when someone is trying to sell you something.  What about if someone wants to give you love and hope?  Who would turn down a smile or word of comfort?

What I am trying to say is this.  Here is a technology that you can have for a very low cost and I can assure you that one day you will stand before God and either say “Would God I Had Bought That System” or you will say, “Thank God I Did.”  Which one will it be for you?  Watch the video and contact us for more information.  You will be glad you did.

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