We have always been excited about the AUTOMATED CHURCH PROSPECTING SYSTEM.  I helped one of our new pastors run a campaign this past weekend.  The event was called “Truck or Treat” which was a safe alternative for families who want to give their children a place to have Halloween fun.  The system called 10,000 people in one hour and the cost was only around $42.  The pastor had made a masterful message telling about the event, the location, and the name of the church.  After the campaign, I sent him a graphic report of the calls showing how many answered live, how many went to voice mail and more.  His answer was quite exciting:

“Thank you!

Our campaign was a success.  It was a simple message about our “Truck or Treat” night, and was the only advertising we did other than our church sign.  We had 40 families come out who received candy, Chick Halloween tracts and an information sheet about our children’s ministries.”

Signed by the pastor

When was the last time you had 40 families show up on one day?  You could if you owned the Automated Church Prospecting system and did just like this pastor did.  Here are some ways you could use this system and have the same results:

  1. Call every member once a week with a message from the pastor.
  2. Call every bus rider with a message from the bus director or captain (how many kids are not home when you visit them?).
  3. Call all the sick and shut-ins every week.
  4. Call teens in the community to create excitement about a youth activity (use a  young person’s voice).
  5. Call every week to get new prospects for soul-winning by asking people if they have a prayer request since the church is praying for the community to get their prayers answered.
  6. Call the community when you have a big day to announce the activities and special music or speaker.
  7. Call the elderly to advertise an activity especially for them.
  8. Call businesses to ask if they would like to talk about how the church could promote their business (get the business owner to church and when you introduce him, tell about his business.)
  9. Call every member when there is a special need for prayer for a tragedy or member needing prevailing prayer.
  10. Call the community with a religious survey that gives you information about prospects for your visitation program.
  11. Call with a pleasant announcement promoting a church website or publication that many would want to receive absolutely free.
  12. Call the community asking if they know someone that needs help with addictions because the church has a program to help.
  13. Call the community asking if they know someone that needs family counseling because the church helps families.
  14. Call the community asking if anyone is homeless or financially in a crisis because there is help.

Don’t hesitate, sign up today and get the SOUL WINNING TOOL OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.

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