heaven-or-hellWHAT IS THE VALUE OF A SOUL?

If a soul has value to you then you should know that the same soul has value to God.  I have a way for you to reach those souls.  HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WILL SUCCEED?  This may be your question.  Well, God has an answer for you to that question:


“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”  (Isaiah 55:11)

Never in the history of the world has it been possible to get the gospel to every creature.  When I created this system about 8 years ago, I thought that every church would jump on this opportunity to reach every soul in their community.  Some have but far too many have not.  Are you in that category?  Do you really want to reach every soul in your community?  Have you honestly tried?  When you stand before God one day at the judgment, what will you say to the Lord when he asks you why you did not use every available means to reach people for Christ?  If you don’t have a voice broadcast system, then you are not using every available means.

With this system you can literally call 10,000 people in 30 minutes.  HOW DO I KNOW IT WILL WORK?  The verse above guarantees you that it will work.  GOD’S WORD WILL NOT RETURN VOID.  Do you believe that or is your faith like that of the devils who believe and tremble.  The only problem is that their “faith” has no works as it says in James and they will burn in hell.  The same could be said of every church that will not use the voice broadcast system.  They believe God will bless every effort but they won’t try the most amazing system that has ever been used to reach a soul for Christ.  If you really believe the Word of God and the verse above, you will order one of our systems today and won’t think about it one more minute.

One of the Greatest Soul-winners of all time said, ” God’s Business is the best business and we should run our churches better than any other business.”

Now your Church can:

  • Contact every home within 75 miles of your church – system includes data base worth hundreds of dollars so you can reach every lost soul in your area.
  • Keep alive permanently every new contact that has shown interest in your ministry.
  • Revive soul winning and discipleship dramatically because you talk specifically to the people who want to hear your message!
  • Run this system every day and get up to 30 new prospects every week for visitation.
  • Increase attendance and offerings 10% (average) each week with your pastor’s weekly one minute call to everyone who knows about your church.
  • Instantly and accurately notify your congregation of all meetings and special occasions.
  • Keep the personal touch a part of your ministry regardless of the size of your membership.

Now you can have the SOUL-WINNING TOOL OF THE 21st CENTURY

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