We are living in the last days.  Jesus is coming back soon.  The political climate is worse than ever and no one knows just how long our freedoms will last.  Now more than ever we need to get the gospel to EVERY creature.  I have a dream that one day we will have the database for the whole United States of America and we can call millions of people with a message to visit our IF YOU COULD KNOW THAT JESUS LOVES YOU video.  We have several websites, including that one the one with the video that have a Google Translator on them and we have readers from all over the world.  We use emails and voice broadcasting to get people to the sites.  Just think of how much more exposure your church would get if you had the AUTOMATED VOICE BROADCASTING SYSTEM.  There would never be another missed opportunity to reach every creature with the Gospel.

I challenge you today to visit our site and watch the video.  Speak to your people.  Put our system in your budget.  Buy the system, get trained, and start calling people in your city, your state and even in other states. That is the Great Commission.  Do like one of our members and help start churches in other parts of your state.  Call the elderly, teens, families, your church members and more.  Promote special days, guest speakers, special music groups and even visits by political figures who will be in your services during the week.  Target various age groups and announce special days and events.  Every church should have the AUTOMATED CHURCH PROSPECTING SYSTEM to make an impact on your community for Christ.  Why not visit our site today and click on the PayPal link to pay your $200 for the system (no monthly fee) and then $220 for your first 20,000 calls.  You can’t beat the price.  Contact us today.

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