We only charge $200 for this system and it includes a free database of your state.  I was curious how our price compares to buying the same kind of list from InfoUSA.  So I called the 800 number and asked about our state of Florida.  After telling the agent the type of information that we typically send to our pastors, he did a little calculating and found that Florida has over 6 million records (I think that California has twice that) and at 3 cents a record it came to a total of $170,000 for the same database that we give you completely free.

Jeanie and I have often said that even if you never used the system, just the database that you get is worth far more than the system when you consider that your database would most likely cost between $50,000 and over $300,000 for a state like California which we have supplied to pastors in California.  What I am saying is that anyone who says they cannot afford this system should really say “I CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO HAVE THIS SYSTEM.”

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