MOCGA – Make our church great again this fall.

How to you publicize your church?  I am writing this to give you ideas that some of the great churches in the country use to bring new visitors to their church and if you want to Make Our Church Great Again you should use these ideas.  Besides door to door visitation, bus ministry, Sunday School visitation and many other kinds of visitation every church needs something to bring excitement and energy to your weekly services.  Here are some great ways to do just that will bring energy to your church and get the people involved in growing your church.  You should plan your church calendar with these types of things on them every year and plan them a year ahead, doing it every year:

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God says that it will just like He will bless your sermon or Sunday School Lesson.  Do you believe that?  Do you believe he will bless when you go door to door, bus visitation, hospital visitation, prison ministry, or any other kind of ministry?  If he blesses his word going out, then why would He not bless the word going out as a voice broadcast to thousands of people as has never been done since the creation of the world?  Is it the voice broadcast system which only calls those you program it to call and only gives the message that you record responsible, or is God also responsible for the word that goes out on a voice recorded message.  People record radio and T.V messages and God blesses them so why would He bless radio and T.V. and not voice broadcasting?  No!  I can firmly say that God will bless any means that we can use to reach the lost. –

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