Unique IBuzz Pro Specifications Assure Performance You Can Count On!
IBuzz Pro is widely regarded for their quality system and reliable support service. The IBuzz Pro Family is the system of choice for churches since it is a low cost system and their applications have the same quality  the fortune 500 companies utilize.

~Automatically make up to 100,000 friendly calls per month without adding staff with up to 100 telephone lines utilized at the same time. IBuzz Pro has 30 lines as standard and if needed a church can request more lines so that the call can go out in a shorter amount of time.  Other Systems requre that you purchase a $3500 hardware and then add lines to your church.  IBuzz Pro has thousands of lines already in place for you to use with your system.

~IBuzz Pro is user-friendly, with everything visible and at your fingertips right on your computer internet connection.
~State of the Art, Accurate, telephone detection technology is utilized. Answering Machines are accurately detected. Once detected, the IBuzz Pro is capable of performing one of the following functions:

1)Disconnect and move on to the next call to speak only with a person.
2)Wait for the tone, then deliver the same message as a person receives.
3)Wait for the tone, then deliver a message designed especially for answering machines.
4)Play only to answering machines, never talk to a person or play only to live answers and no answering machines.
~Outgoing Messages are digitally recorder, with the highest of sound quality and durability:

1)Virtually NO LIMIT to the length of your Outgoing messages
2)Nearly and UNLIMITED number of Outgoing messages are capable of being stored in the IBuzz Pro System.

~Recording your Outgoing Message has never been easier and more precise. You can record your message and then listen to it and change it as many times as you wish until it is what you wish to use.
~There is practically NO LIMIT to the number of different Telephone Lists the IBUZZ PRO SYSTEM is capable of holding simultaneously.
~The SIZE of each Telephone List is realistically UNLIMITED.
~Duplicate phone numbers in the same telephone list are automatically not called – no matter what telephone list is being used.
~An internal Never Call List has been devised to make 100% sure a person will never be called if that is their request. Once a telephone number is installed in the Never Call List, it will NEVER be called again no matter what telephone list is being used. The system will also check against the National Don’t Call List to clean out any numbers that are on that list.

~An unlimited amount of call sessions can be programmed in advance for any future date: Re-occurring call sessions, such as the weekly Saturday church call, can be programmed on time to start automatically at the same day and time, each week thereafter, with no need of your time or attention.
1. iBuzzPro: Has been in business since 2006. We are rock solid and proven.
2. iBuzzPro: Already has thousands of satisfied customers. We are trusted.
3. iBuzzPro: Currently is a multi Million Dollar company.
4. iBuzzPro: The CEO and Founder has a 25 year successful track record.
5. iBuzzPro: John Breck/CEO has built 3 sales organizations with over 300,000 distributors.
6. iBuzzPro: Is 100% debt Free. Solid as a Rock.
7. iBuzzPro: Has the lowest Voice Broadcasting rates for the small business industry.
8. iBuzzPro: Only 3.0 cents per minute-per connected call.
9. iBuzzPro: Only 1.5 cents per minute for calls less than 30 seconds.
10 iBuzzPro: Billed on 6 second increments after the first 30 seconds. This is a huge savings!
11.  iBuzzPro: You’re only charged for calls that connect.
12.  iBuzzPro: Press 1 transfer technology.
13.  iBuzzPro: Easy to use. Rated a 10 by Voice Broadcasting Industry Experts.
14.  iBuzzPro: No SAN # needed. This could save you thousands of dollars.
15.  iBuzzPro: FREE List Scrubbing against the Do Not Call List.
16.  iBuzzPro: FREE List Scrubbing against DISCONNECTED phone numbers.
17.  iBuzzPro: Free Pre-Recorded Messages already loaded in our software for you.
18.  iBuzzPro: Professional recorded messages created for your campaign.
19.  iBuzzPro: Record your own message using our software.
20.  iBuzzPro: Upload a proven campaign message from your team or company.
21.  iBuzzPro: Proven Scripts already written for you.
22.  iBuzzPro: Lead capture Voice Mail Box with 800 number. Your real time leads are emailed to you.
23.  iBuzzPro: No need to reformat your Excel CSV lists. Our software does it for you.
24  iBuzzPro: The Best Customer Support System in the Industry.
25.  iBuzzPro: Customer Support with Live Experts Answering Your Questions.
26.  iBuzzPro: FREE LIVE training and instructional webinars all week long.
27.  iBuzzPro: FREE recorded training videos and audios.
28.  iBuzzPro: Webinars and conference calls. How to market successfully with iBuzzPro.
29.  iBuzzPro: FREE Tools and Training. Learn how to sell iBuzzPro.
31.  iBuzzPro: Lead Capture Pages available.
32.  iBuzzPro: Live Conference calls all week long.
33.  iBuzzPro: Sell iBuzzPro earn up to $500 on personal sales. (100%)
34.  iBuzzPro: Get paid in Real Time directly into your bank account.
35.  iBuzzPro: Earn $250 on every sale produced by anyone in your Power-Line.
36.  iBuzzPro: Turn key system for selling iBuzzPro.
41.  iBuzzPro: Use our prerecorded message to sell iBuzzPro.
42.  iBuzzPro: Use our Prerecorded Lead capture message on our 800 voice mail service.
43.  BuzzPro: Use our Live Conference Calls and Webinars to close your iBuzzPro Sales.

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