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Now your Church can:

  • Contact every home within 75 miles of your church – system includes data base worth tens of hundreds of dollars so you can reach every lost soul in your area.
  • Keep alive permanently every new contact that has shown interest in your ministry.
  • Revive soul winning and discipleship dramatically because you talk specifically to the people who want to hear your message!
  • Increase attendance and offerings 10% (average) each week with your pastor’s weekly one minute call to everyone who knows about your church (calls are made only when permission is granted).
  • Instantly and accurately notify your congregation of all meetings and special occasions.
  • Keep the personal touch a part of your ministry regardless of the size of your membership. Read the rest of this entry »


Gary Caudill


Pastor Williams,

Just thought I’d let you know that I personally followed up with an elderly couple this evening that we first reached out to in January of this year with our church prospecting prayer ministry. They were facing losing their home due to burdensome expenses that got them behind. Our church began to pray, and when I called them this evening, he was ecstatic! He told me that he meant to call me sooner, but that they had misplaced my number. He went on to testify that God had answered our prayers, and that someone had mailed them a donation large enough to catch them back up on their house payments. When they got the check in the mail, he told his wife that our church was praying for them, and he said they began to shout and cry and praise God for answered prayer! I was overjoyed as tears swelled up in my eyes to know that God used us to make such a difference in this elderly couple’s life by simply praying for their needs. God is still answering prayers!!!

Pastor Gary Caudill

The Way of the Cross Baptist Church

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  1. For live answers

Hello, I’m Pastor [pastor’s name here] of  [name of church here] in [city and state here], and if it’s ok with you, we’d like to simply pray for your needs.  To leave a prayer request, please press 1.  Or, to be removed from our list, please press 9.


  1. For answering machines

Hello, I’m Pastor [pastor’s name here]of [name of church here] in [city and state here], and if it’s ok with you, we’d like to simply pray for your needs.  To leave a prayer request, simply call our prayer line 24/7 at [phone number here]


Prayer Line Answering Service (what they here when they are transferred by pressing 1 or by calling the number directly):

Welcome to the [name of church] Prayer Line!  To leave your prayer request, simply record your message, including your name and number, after the tone.  (pause for 4 seconds or so before ending message).

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We had a pastor get 90 prospects on his first campaign with a script like this:

Hello, I am Pastor Williams from Bay Area Baptist Church.  We care about people.  Our church wants to pray for you until the answer comes.  If you have a prayer request, press one now.

Listen to this song played on violin by Pastor Williams -

By Pastor David Williams

It has been said that the best way to reach people for Christ is to have many hooks in the water.  We have the Church Prospecting system on this site but if you want to use it most effectively, let me give you some ideas of other types of ministry and outreach your church can consider having in order to reach as many people as possible in your area.

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Automated Church Prospecting

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