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Smart Marketers NEVER Chase Customers… INSTEAD They Get Customers To Chase Them!

Why can’t Soul-Winners do the Same Thing?

One of the Greatest Soul-winners of all time said, ” God’s Business is the best business and we should run our churches better than any other business.”

Now your Church can:

  • Contact every home within 75 miles of your church – system includes data base worth hundreds of dollars so you can reach every lost soul in your area.
  • Keep alive permanently every new contact that has shown interest in your ministry.
  • Revive soul winning and discipleship dramatically because you talk specifically to the people who want to hear your message!
  • Run this system every day and get up to 30 new prospects every week for visitation.
  • Increase attendance and offerings 10% (average) each week with your pastor’s weekly one minute call to everyone who knows about your church.
  • Instantly and accurately notify your congregation of all meetings and special occasions.
  • Keep the personal touch a part of your ministry regardless of the size of your membership.

Please read this article from our website about using the prayer request message for soul-winning –

Now you can have the SOUL-WINNING TOOL OF THE 21st CENTURY

Click Here:

Automated Church Protspecting


For more information call us at 727-223-5910

Just visit the site at and at the dropdown menu, pay the $300 for the system and for minutes, one of the dropdown items is for both. 


Written on October 20th, 2018 , Church Prospecting Update

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Automated Church Prospecting

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