OrderTo sign up for Automated Church Prospecting please go to the PayPal link on the right and pay as follows:

  1. $200 for Automated Church Prospecting
  2. Add $100 or more to the amount for calls ($100 makes 10,000+ calls) Total:  $300.00
  3. Fill out the form at the link below to send us your information for the Church Prospecting system.
  4. Once we receive payment we will set up your system, order your database, put the database in your drop box, and then load your system with the amount of money you paid for minutes.
  5. You will then receive a WELCOME email with instructions to login to your Automated Church Prospecting System.
  6. We will then set a time to train the one in your church how to use the system, record your message, and run calling campaigns.

Fill out the Membership Form by clicking on the button (Password:  KJV1611):

Written on March 9th, 2012

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Automated Church Prospecting

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