We are pleased to announce that God has just given AUTOMATED CHURCH PROSPECTING our own software which is low cost and requires no monthly membership payments.  We offer this system as a great way to save money and it also has some very upgraded features that the other system below does not have.  Here is what you get:

  1. Complete system for voice broadcasting which allows multiple users for only $200 which includes set-up and database.
  2. System can easily call thousands of people in minutes on up to 150 phone lines at a low cost of only $0.015 per 30 second message.
  3. System will leave live messages, answering machine messages, or do multiple question surveys.
  4. There is no monthly fee.  You keep the system as long as you wish and after installation the only fees you pay are for minutes.
  5. You add minutes any time you wish to do so and the system will never charge you for anything.  When your minutes are used it will stop working until you add more minutes.
  6. There is a minimum of $120 for your purchase of minutes.
  7. We provide support and help in setting up your message or survey and if needed the main company that created the system is also available for technical support.
  8. Below is a screen shot of the new system:
You will be given a choice of which system you desire on the sign-up page.
For an idea of our bulk rates for minutes please go to our post here – http://churchprospecting.com/church-prospecting-bulk-phone-rates/ 

Written on March 25th, 2010

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