Please follow this list of screen shots to set up a campaign:

Click on “LOG IN” at the upper right

Click on “Membership Login”

Place your Username and Password

Check the box “I Agree”

Check the next box “I Agree”

Check the Third Box and then type in “I ACCEPT” AND CLICK ON THE GREEN LETTER BUTTON

View Account Balance

Click the button “Configure” to see the menu at the left

Set up your voice message or view existing messages

Set up Caller ID for campaign

Click on the upper right to load a list at the link “Phone Lists” on the left. Make sure you only upload CSV or text files.  The above window will come up.  First name the list and then browse for the list you want and click “Next.”

Click on “Lead Phone” to the left and then click the phone number column at the top to highlight both in green.

Click on “Extern ID” (means external ID) and click the top of the phone number column.  It means you chose the phone number column for the first two identifiers on the left.

The next three identifiers on the left are First, Middle, and Last name.  Do each one separately and choose the column that applies to each.  Most databases don’t have a “Title” or “Suffix.”  I never use those.

Middle name same as above.

Same as the last two above, last name to the left and last name column.

After First Middle and Last Name put address, the next example is for apartment or lot #.

Lot# or apartment #


This is for state!

Zip Code – many have the extra 4 numbers.

Many databases do not have email but if they do, use this option.

Notice the “Save” button at the lower right of the last frame.  After loading your list click this and you will be sent to the page with all the lists.  Wait a minute or two and click “Refresh List” to view the newly uploaded list.

After clicking “Refresh List” the new database appears at the top of all lists.

Next on your links to the left is “Schedule.” Generally I leave it as is and just name it “General.”  The schedule can be set for start and stop times for any day of the week.  If you don’t use that feature you can just start manually by changing from “Pause” to “Active” and then back to “Pause” when the campaign is done or when you have enough leads to stop the campaign.  Always make sure that you have the current date when you re-start a campaign.

This shows how you can either leave it open or slide the start and stop times for custom schedule.

Creating a campaign.  This is the list of campaigns if you have more than one.  To create a new campaign click “New Campaign” at the upper right of the page.

Click the “New Campaign” button for a new campaign.

This is the “Campaign Wizard” The first thing to do is name the campaign on the upper left.  Next chose the campaign type.  A “Simple” campaign only gives your list a message with you ability to respond.  The best kind of campaign is “Press 1” which elicits a response from the prospect, thus creating a live lead that you can use for your visitation program.  Below “Campaign Type” is “Campaign State” which is defaulted to “Paused” until you change it to “Active” which starts the campaign running until you again change it to “Pause” which you can do several times if your schedule is left open as explained above on “Schedule.”  Below Campaign state is a place for two messages since our system recognizes both live answer and answering machine.  For a “Press 1” campaign you need to end the “Answer Message” with a statement, “…for more information press one now…” but for a machine message you have the same message initially but replace this last statement with, “…for more information please call…..” and add your contact phone.  When creating the new campaign the start date will be defaulted to the day you create the campaign.

When you double click on either the “Answer Message” or the “Machine message you will see this window open where all your messages are stored.  Please double click on the one you need as in the highlighted one above called “Prayerrequestlive.pcm”

After double clicking on Answer Message above, your message will now be loaded as above.  Then do the Machine message.

This shows the “Machine Message” being highlighted.  Double click on this one also to load it in your campaign.

As you can see, both messages are now loaded.  After you finish this page click “Next”

Now you will set up several things.  Please use the same settings you see here.  The only thing missing is “Caller ID” so you need to click the blue link to the right of the * Select a Caller ID  Actually this is defaulted to “Max Passes” (1) but should be changed to (2).  The check boxes are set so your system will redial on “Intercept,” “Busy,” or (Other) which is fax tone or similar.  You don’t want to redial on No answer or Machine or people will think you are harassing them with calls.  You can change the “Max Ports” to 50 or 100 to slow the campaign because the system will call so fast you may not be able to answer or follow up on too many at a time.  Just test different amounts.  Also, you can up the number of “Max Xfer Ports” so you will get more responses, especially if you are using Gmail Voice to answer the calls.  If you are answering live the number should be as above. 

When you have clicked on “Select Caller ID” you get this window.  You should already have one on the left but if not, you can create one as shown here.

Had you created a “Caller ID” in step one it will be seen here and just double-click on the highlighted “Caller ID” and it will now appear in the space where you first clicked the blue link.

This shows the “Caller ID” after double clicking on the above frame.  After completing this page click “Next.”

The next window after clicking “Next” will be to chose a “Schedule” from the drop-down menu or click the box for a “Custom Schedule” and when finished with either click “Next.”

Next, choose a phone list from your list of uploaded lists for this particular campaign as shown above and then click “Save” to complete the wizard.

Now you will see the new campaign listed in your “Campaign List” so you will need to double-click the campaign to run it or edit any of the things you have just set up like a different list or message.

After double-clicking on your campaign you open this control panel.  You can now change the campaign from “Paused” to “Active” and you will notice that your first message has been transferred to the tab for “Survey Question.”

This is what you will see.  It is set to “1” for a “Press 1” campaign.  Also, don’t forget to check the box “Record Transfer” so all your prospects are recorded when the campaign is finished.  You will also notice tabs for “Schedule,” “Phone Lists,” “Survey Questions,” and “Rehash.”  This allows you to edit any part of the campaign.  “Rehash” is to re-create the list after the campaign has used all the numbers.

This is the lower part of the campaign configuration display two frames earlier showing the lower part and the adjustments that were made during the Campaign Wizard.  In order to test your campaign click on “Test Call” and insert your phone number, then save it.  You will get a call from the system so you can hear what your messages sounds like to a prospect.

This next link is entitled “DNC Manager” where anyone that complains and does not want to be called can be protected by adding their number to the internal DNC and it will be saved in the system so they won’t receive any other calls when you rehash to list for another campaign.

This last link, “Result File Destination” is for your email so the system will send you a report when the campaign is done.  Also, the next main link at the bottom left – “Stats & Reporting” allows you to print a report as well by naming the campaign.

For any questions regarding any of this, please do not hesitate to call me at 727-223-5910 and I can walk you through the whole thing or any part.  Also, we have excellent “Tech Support” that we can enlist for any glitch or problem you encounter.


Written on September 17th, 2017 , Tutorial for Using the System

MOCGA – Make our church great again this fall.

How to you publicize your church?  I am writing this to give you ideas that some of the great churches in the country use to bring new visitors to their church and if you want to Make Our Church Great Again you should use these ideas.  Besides door to door visitation, bus ministry, Sunday School visitation and many other kinds of visitation every church needs something to bring excitement and energy to your weekly services.  Here are some great ways to do just that will bring energy to your church and get the people involved in growing your church.  You should plan your church calendar with these types of things on them every year and plan them a year ahead, doing it every year:

  1. The first thing to do is plan the natural high days.  These days will include Easter, Promotion Day, revival Sundays, etc.

    Do not plan special activities on these days, for these days take care of themselves.  People come quickly to Sunday school on Easter just because it is Easter.  Consequently you should save your big drive and big push for other Sundays, realizing that Easter and other high days like Thanksgiving and Christmas will take care of themselves.

  2. The next thing to do is plan natural low days.  There are always natural low days in a year.  One is Memorial Day weekend.  Another is Labor Day weekend, the Fourth of July weekend, etc.  Every pastor should plan something special for these natural low days.
  3. Then you should plan something for a naturally low season.  The natural low season is the summertime.  Many churches have a summer camp.  There is always the fact that people take vacations of four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and even up to 13 weeks vacations.  So the church should plan something during the summer.  A great idea is what is called a “Cary the Load Sunday.”  Each department of the church is requested to “carry the load” on one of the Sundays during the summer.  On that Sunday, the department which is “carrying the load” will plan a big super colossal Sunday.  The first day would be Beginners’ Day.  The beginners promote a big Sunday.  When the beginners have a large crowd it also means that the adults have a large crowd.  Since there is not a single beginner that can drive a car it means that their parents will have to drive them to Sunday school.  The next summer Sunday is the Primaries big day.  Then comes Junior I, then Junior II, then Junior High, and then High School.  You can do the same with College age for those who come home for the Summer or live in the community.  The idea is that each department has a big Sunday and because of the bigness of that department the whole Sunday School is helped by the attendance of that particular department.  So, whatever department is having the Big Day will be blessed to have the pastor or one of the assistant pastors go to that department on that Sunday.  He preaches a gospel sermon that fits the particular age group, gives an invitation, trying to get people saved in that department during their Big Day.  Then those that were saved on the “Carry the Load Day” for that department are instructed to walk down the aisle during the main church service during the invitation.
  4. The fourth thing a church can do in planning for the year is to plan for special holidays.  Plan something for Mother’s day like a flower for every mother or a ball point pen engraved with “Happy Mother’s Day” or other fine gifts that you can create specially for mothers on that day.  You can give a bouquet of flowers to the “Oldest Mother,”  “Youngest Mother,” “Mother with the most children,” “Mother with the most Grand children” and any other idea your church has for recognizing mothers.  Additionally you can do similar things for Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and other special days that in the normal yearly calendar.
  5. The fifth thing that can be done is to plan for special seasonal days.  You can have “Back To School Day” when school starts in the fall, “Old Fashioned Day” during any season, fall “Kick-Off Sunday,” or “Round-Up Sunday,” the church anniversary of the day it was started, the Pastor’s anniversary, including other types of anniversaries and seasonal days which are all easy to promote.
  6. The sixth thing to do is plan for special activities.  If you are having Vacation Bible School during the summer then you can have “Vacation-Bible-School Sunday” and let it help your Sunday School attendance.  If you have a youth camp during the summer you can have “Youth-Camp Sunday where the church brings the campers to see them off and it can be a way to promote and get more in attendance.
  7. Seventh, and this is one of the best you can use, is to plan a ten-week spring program and a ten-week fall program.  You can begin on the last Sunday in March, go through April and May and into the first Sunday of June.  You can give prizes for the most visitors each week and have a big day at the end trying to double your attendance and make a big deal out of the one the brought the most during the program and also the one that brought the most on the big day.  In the fall you can start on the last Sunday of September or the first Sunday of October and have the fall program run through October culminating on a Big Day on the first Sunday of December.  One idea is to have new testaments engraved in gold with an image or name of the church and give the new testament to every visitor that attends the services.  During these spring and fall programs have a contest in every department as well as a contest for the whole church.  These programs will be the life blood of your church.  Try to have a first prize that is attractive to all like motel rooms and meals in a nice hotel or motel for the family bringing the most visitors including meals and send them to a good Bible conference like the Sword of the Lord Conference in your area during the year.  You should have several prizes, first, second, third, and more.  When I was in college one of the bus divisions bought an old Dodge sports car with a wing on the back, painted it and offered it to the one that brought the most visitors.  I think it cost $500 but a Greek kid filled six busses on the big day with family members to win the car.  You will be amazed at what this will do for your church.  It will be the life blood of the church from now on.  Your prizes should also be spiritual in nature, Bibles, Family Bibles, great books, Bible Study Software, and many other things you can find on the Sword of the Lord website.  You can use many of the find things on that site for promotion in every department of the church.
  8. Plan for four big, super colossal days each year.  Have one big day each quarter, the kind of day that will double your attendance.  If a church is running 100 in Sunday, don’t shoot for 150, rather make it a huge day by doubling the attendance.  The bigger the goal the more the people will be challenged.  A big goal inspires the desire in people to do something big for God.  Isn’t it time that we quit playing church, playing a little church and do something big by faith?  Why not grow your Sunday school for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here is a list of some big days your church could do:
    1. “Old-Fashioned Day.”  This annual occasion, one of the most enjoyable times in any church and the people will want one every year.  On this day have a collection of antiques from people in the church, antique cars, or other collectables like old-fashioned churns, wash pots, spinning wheels, clocks, Bibles, curling irons, smoothing irons and other things that everyone has at home.  Someone may have an old fashioned pump-organ.  On old fashioned day pass a hat for the offering rather than an offering plate.  Have an old fashioned mourner’s bench at the altar covered with old worn-out quilts.  Do the baptism in a creek nearby.  In the evening service have only candle light with the main lights turned off.  Everyone wears old-fashioned clothes and you can even have a price for the one or family with the best old-time clothing.  There is an old fashioned message!  The offering is unique, the ushers say “Amen” for a $10 bill, “Praise the Lord” for a $20 bill, “Glory to God” for a $50 bill, and “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah” when someone puts in a $100 bill or more.  Sing songs like “The Old Time Religion.”  Have an old time Gospel Quartet.  We used to have 4 men come with overalls, rope belts and have them pantomime to a quartet number.  The biggest guy pretended to have the high tenor voice and the smallest guy was the DEEP BASS.  People loved it.
    2. The church’s birthday once a year, the same day as they had their first service.  Have a big birthday cake in honor of the church birthday.  One church had a HUGE birthday cake weighing 700 lbs.  A candle is lighted for each department that reaches their goal.  It is the church’s birthday.
    3. Another day is “Back-To-School Day.”  Personal letters (you can use the voice broadcasting system also for all of these promotions) are sent to every school student.  A corsage is given to each lady school teacher and boutonnieres are given to every man school teacher.  A prize is given to each child who gets their own school teacher to come to church with them.  There is a special prayer of dedication for every school teacher that attends on “Back-To-School Day.”
    4. Another day can be “Baby Day.”  A special letter is sent to parents of babies (also use the voice broadcast system to call every parent and invite them to church.  There is a little gift for every child, perhaps a New Testament (blue for boys and pink for girls) and maybe a corsage is given to the mother of the baby.
    5. You can have an annual “Home-Coming Day” that fits your church.
    6. “Picture-Taking Day” is one is one of the best days your church can have.   Each class can have a picture made, pictures can be made on “Record Breaking Day” or other ideas can be “Absentee Day,” Good-Neighbor Day,” “Christmas Sunday,” “Ladies Rally,” “Men’s Rally,” “Pack-a-Pew Day” and any other day you and your church can come up with.

Remember that with every promotion mentioned here the very best tool for advertising each of your promotions is the Automated Voice Broadcast System.  Your church will never be the same if you have a plan, work your plan, and don’t get sidetracked.  Be like William Carey, “Expect something big from God and attempt something big for God.”  Just like a recent political campaign entitled MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, your slogan for the year can be “Make Our Church Great Again.”

If you don’t have one of our Automated Broadcast Systems go to the front page and sign up.  We will give you the system for life with no monthly payments and a database for your area included.  The only thing you will need to do is pay for the minutes like a pay-as-you-go phone.  The calls normally come to 1.5 cents per call.  You can call 10,000 people for around $40.  There is no better and cost effective way to reach people for Jesus Christ.


Pastor, I have done it all, door to door soul-winning, sending postcards,etc… When I was introduced to this voice broadcast system I was never the same.  This data system will call thousands of new prospects for your church in just a few minutes of time. Right from your home or office. All you need is a computer and our calling process will do the work. We will teach you have to use it and we will give you the data base of your state for FREE! All you pay is for the online system which is yours for life with no monthly fee. Below is a list of ways our churches use this technique. We will be able 24/7 to help you.



  • Event reminders
  • Prayer requests and prayer chains
  • Weather and closing notices
  • Bereavement announcements
  • Welcome and outreach messages to new members
  • Schedule changes
  • Stewardship campaigns information and status updates
  • Communication about volunteer opportunities
  • Religious education updates
  • Messages to connect with the elderly and housebound
  • Youth group notifications
  • Members Who Are At Home Sick or Disabled

 Communicate With Church Members On a Timely Basis
Follow Up With Visitors In A Timely Manner
Contact New Church Members With Welcome Calls
Send Church Invitation Calls
Reach Everyone for Church Funeral Announcements
Get Out Fast Church Announcements for Special Meetings

fhf-7-hole-in-roof-6-hole-in-roof-with-verseJeanie and I were reading Spurgeon today in his Morning and Evening devotional.  The message was about the inventive means that some people took to bring a poor sick man to Jesus by breaking through the roof.  Read it here and I will make some comments:

<–Begin Quote–>


“And when they could not come nigh unto him for the press, they uncovered the roof where he was: and when they had broken it up, they let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay.” — Mark 2:4

Faith is full of inventions. The house was full, a crowd blocked up the door, but faith found a way of getting at the Lord and placing the palsied man before him. If we cannot get sinners where Jesus is by ordinary methods we must use extraordinary ones. It seems, according to Luke 5:19, that a tiling had to be removed, which would make dust and cause a measure of danger to those below, but where the case is very urgent we must not mind running some risks and shocking some proprieties. Jesus was there to heal, and therefore fall what might, faith ventured all so that her poor paralysed charge might have his sins forgiven. O that we had more daring faith among us! Cannot we, dear reader, seek it this morning for ourselves and for our fellow-workers, and will we not try to-day to perform some gallant act for the love of souls and the glory of the Lord.

The world is constantly inventing; genius serves all the purposes of human desire: cannot faith invent too, and reach by some new means the outcasts who lie perishing around us? It was the presence of Jesus which excited victorious courage in the four bearers of the palsied man: is not the Lord among us now? Have we seen his face for ourselves this morning? Have we felt his healing power in our own souls? If so, then through door, through window, or through roof, let us, breaking through all impediments, labour to bring poor souls to Jesus. All means are good and decorous when faith and love are truly set on winning souls. If hunger for bread can break through stone walls, surely hunger for souls is not to be hindered in its efforts. O Lord, make us quick to suggest methods of reaching thy poor sin-sick ones, and bold to carry them out at all hazards.

<–End Quote–>

When I read this, it reminds me of what we have done with the Automated Church Prospecting system.  As he says above, FAITH IS FULL OF INVENTION.  We created this because we had faith to believe that God would reach many, which we have seen in an amazing way.  What does it take to get some of us to see that something new may be like these men letting down a man through the roof.  What do you think the people below thought?  Were they upset at the dirt, dust, and pieces of roofing tile falling on those below?  Were they upset that someone was getting to the “front of the line” to see Jesus when so many were on the outside not able to get in?  The story shows how that the rulers of the Jews thought Jesus was committing blasphemy when he said, “Thy sins be forgiven thee.”  That was, until he healed the man in front of them all.

Do you understand that we have created this for the same reason?  What is the value of a soul?  Is it worth spending $200?  Is it worth taking time to learn this system?  Is it worth having some disgruntled person get upset that you called them with the love of God?  Do people ever get upset when you knock on their door?  I had a preacher in Gatlinburg say that his people were afraid that people would not like phone calls about a church.  Did that stop the men lowering a sick man through the roof?  Were there people that were upset that they took the roof apart?  Were there some that were wondering who was going to fix it back?  One man called me and said he could not wait until God through me into hell because I had a new way that he had never heard of and everyone had to do it his way.  Have we gone stark raving mad?  Many get our emails and just UNSUBSCRIBE as if God does not see them and it does not matter if a soul goes to hell or not.  Some preachers say that they have to get the (backslidden members) church to approve the purchase because they would not spend their own money on this great system.  Do we have any men of faith in this country.  The Bible talks about how the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN SUFFERETH VIOLENCE AND THE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE.  Is there not a cause?  Do we really care about those around us?  We have invented the following sites as an act of faith and millions of people around the world have visited these sites: – Video about Jesus and born again lessons – Writings of Charles G. Finney transcribed into more modern day English. – Gospel hymns played on the violin with the words and story behind the song.

I believe that God led us to build these for a reason and we have software that shows us the amount of visitors on each.  My question to you is this.  Do you have the faith to use a new invention for reaching souls in your own area for Jesus?  IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?

I think that of the thousands of churches to whom we have sent this information we should have several thousand reaching their area for the Lord BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, even if people in your church say, “Someone will get mad at the church if we use a ROBO CALL on them.

Let me tell you what a Robo Call is.  It is a system that dials random numbers without knowing who the people are or what their address is and there are laws in place for this.  Our databases are from people who have filled out a form on line and given their full information so it can’t be classified as a ROBO CALL.  It is a voice broadcast to a list of people where you have their complete information.  Still, my question is this,  IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?

I think that the whole country could be reached if we used this system to it’s fullest capabilities.  I have been praying and working for God to provide the money so we can call the whole USA ourselves.  I can guarantee you that we could reach millions for the Lord if we only had a little money for the minutes to do so and I am working on that too.  I BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A CAUSE and if you have to walk over the back of every pew in your church to reach the guy that needs the Lord DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU.  If you have to call 10,000 people a week to reach one or two that would never hear the gospel with out it, why not give it a try?  Is there not a cause?  I think that after I send this out there should be at least 100 churches signing up.  We are certainly not getting rich selling this for sure because I wanted to make the cost low enough so anyone can afford it. We even throw a database in that we pay for that would cost more than the system from some vendors.  Is there not a cause?  Do you know how much some of these systems cost to own your own? My first contact with a voice broadcast system was unit and a cost of $700 for the small version and $2500 for the bigger one and a church had to add phone lines to use it.  The system I had before this was $500 with $29.95 per month plus the cost of leads and minutes.  Since it is online and digital, you have 200 phone lines to use for calls and can upload any database into the system.  We charge no monthly fee and you own it for life.

I feel like many of you are like the Jewish rulers that wanted to kill Jesus because he was so popular that they thought Rome would take their nation, so they killed Jesus and lost their nation any way.  Don’t think that God is not watching you read this and don’t think that when the opportunity is presented to you that you can pass on this offer because we will all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and God is going to ask you why you refused to use EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE to reach people when you had the opportunity.  Some of you are no better than the man who hid his talent in the earth.  We are offering this system and you refuse to even consider it, not knowing that maybe it was GOD WHO GAVE ME THE IDEA TO HELP YOU BUILD YOUR CHURCH.  Is there not a cause?  Let’s see how many of you really have the faith to contact us and order this system. Don’t worry if some dust falls from the ceiling or if the rulers get upset.  TAKE A STEP OF FAITH LIKE ABRAHAM DID WHEN HE BELIEVED GOD, HAD ISAAC, AND OFFERED HIM (IN PRINCIPLE) ON THE ALTAR.  God has a ram caught in the thicket for you.  He has a great surprise waiting IF YOU ONLY TAKE A STEP OF FAITH.  Contact me today, OK?

SomethingMissingDo you ever wish that you had a new way to find people in your area?  Do you wish that you could contact every member each week but not spend hours calling or visiting them?  Would you like to have a way to announce a special meeting without spending a fortune doing so?  Do people in your community even know your church is there?  Good advertising is expensive and it requires multiple times to get a person’s attention, can you afford that?  Could you use a steady stream of new prospects for people to visit each week?  Do you feel like something is missing in how you are reaching your area?  How much time would you need to spend to reach 10,000 people?

This system will do so many things and it is not expensive to do so.  Here is a list of things that Automated Church Prospecting will do for your church:

  • Contact every home within 75 miles of your church – system includes data base worth hundreds of dollars so you can reach every lost soul in your area.
  • Keep alive permanently every new contact that has shown interest in your ministry.
  • Revive soul winning and discipleship dramatically because you talk specifically to the people who want to hear your message!
  • Run this system every day and get up to 30 new prospects every week for visitation.
  • Increase attendance and offerings 10% (average) each week with your pastor’s weekly one minute call to everyone who knows about your church.
  • Instantly and accurately notify your congregation of all meetings and special occasions.
  • Keep the personal touch a part of your ministry regardless of the size of your membership.

With the low price of $200 and no monthly fee, you can’t afford NOT to have this system which comes with a free database of your whole state so you can select the zip codes from your area that you wish to contact.  Give us a call at 727-729-6652 and let us get you started.  Be sure to watch the video on our home page to learn how this can benefit you.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!



We can’t give Him diamonds, or silver or gold.  He owns all the hills and His wealth is untold. So what do you think would be the very best gift that you could give Jesus at Christmas?  I think that the best gift to give Jesus is Souls that will be in Heaven with Him, don’t you?  The best and fastest way to reach multitudes of people is through the Automated Church Prospecting system. This wonderful system that will call thousands of people to tell them about your church and ultimately tell them about Jesus. It can literally call 10,000 people in one hour with a message from you. We provide the system and the database of your whole state.  I can think of no better gift to give Jesus at this time of year than having a harvest of souls to celebrate His birth in Bethlehem.

A few years back I wrote the song I am singing above entitled, “What Shall I Give Him.”  As the words of the song say, it is not our Birthday but His.  Let’s be faithful in winning the lost that he died for at great cost.  He is not just the babe in the Manger but but the Christ that died for the sins of the whole world.


ECLThe Ecclesiastical Law Center is not a law firm which practices law, but rather a church resource center. As pastors with experience dealing in church-related problems, we assist others churches and pastors with information and guidance as these issues are navigated. The ELC started in 1987 when 50 pastors met in an auditorium to discuss the needs churches would face in the future. From that meeting was born the Ecclesiastical Law Center, led by director Dr. John R. Wright, then a pastor in South Bend, Indiana, and research director, Dr. Ben Townsend, current pastor of Bible Believers Historic Baptist Church in Northern Michigan.

Since its beginning, the Law Center has helped hundreds of churches return the Lord Jesus Christ to His rightful place as sole head of His church. In all conflicts in which the ELC has assisted Lordship churches, we have maintained the autonomy of the local church and the importance of taking a scriptural stand. As a consequence, we have helped incorporated churches to unincorporate and provided assistance and guidance in disentangling from the government. The Law Center has chosen pastoral representatives from across the country as advisers.

In 2011, Pastor Keith Hoover (Assistant Director) and Jason Burton (Research Director) joined Dr. Ben Townsend (Director) in the work of the Ecclesiastical Law Center.

Please contact us for any inquiries or assistance we can provide.

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ACT! for America founder speaks at anti-Shariah conference in Nashville CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO


If you think that there is not a cause to own one of these systems to get the Gospel to every creature, then you need to watch this video about how children in American Schools are being taught Islam and even how to say the Muslim “Sinner’s Prayer” to Allah:

This video needs to go viral. It is about how the public schools have no problem teaching Islam in the classroom even showing children how to pray the Islamic prayer to become a Muslim. Please share this with EVERYONE:

ACT! for America founder speaks at anti-Shariah conference in Nashville
Brigitte Gabriel focuses on Islamic infiltration into the American education system

Red PhonePastors:

I helped a first time pastor set up his campaign and after doing the database for him and loading it into the system for all the zip codes he needed, he ran his campaign for attracting people to his church after they had changed the name to Amazing Grace Baptist Church.  He had his wife do the voice on the campaign and also on the second message on the voice mail.  He had Great results.  Here is his letter to me describing the results:

Hi Pastor Williams,

I was able to run a large part of the campaign yesterday. I plan on finishing this afternoon with another few thousand. We did have about 230 which made it to the secondary message either by pressing one or by calling the number later. I thought that it was pretty good results. Only about 1/3 of those made it to the voice mail and only a handful left a message with their name and email.

Remember, that you can contact every member, call 10,000 prospects in one hour, call different zip codes, help other past or friends reach new prospects, announce a special day like a pastor did at Halloween and had 40 new families come.  You can even help politicians run for office as one of our pastor is doing and working with the Duggar family to fight against the “gay” agenda.  This is not a time to sit idly by while the country is going down the tubes, it is time to use every possible method to reach as many people as we can today before our country falls and we lose our liberty and this kind of program becomes illegal.

If you have been sitting on the fence “THINKING” about this system or if you have tried to talk to your “DEACONS” about it but only got a bad response, try doing something that Spurgeon said in a sermon I read recently about the woman with the alabaster box of ointment, do the extraordinary, do something that  everyone else says is crazy, do something that really takes faith and boldness like the Apostles in the early church, get an Automated Voice Broadcast System that will find people you could never believe are out there and many of them are just waiting for a call from someone who cares, like you.  Are you willing to take the challenge?  I DARE YOU TO TRUST GOD AND BUY THIS SYSTEM!  You will be glad you did.


Do you believe that Jesus could come back any day?  What if he came this year.  I recall the story in the Bible about the rich man who gave “talents” to his servents:

Mat 25:14-25  For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods.  (15)  And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.  (16)  Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents.  (17)  And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two.  (18)  But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord’s money.  (19)  After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.  (20)  And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more.  (21)  His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.  (22)  He also that had received two talents came and said, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me two talents: behold, I have gained two other talents beside them.  (23)  His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.  (24)  Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed:  (25)  And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.

My question to you today is this:  Are you using all the talents that God has given to you to reach your area for the Lord?  Some churches have soul-winning.  Some add bus ministry.  Others add youth ministry.  Many support missions.  Many others have a Christian school.  Some even have a rescue mission or reformers anonymous.  All of these ways of reaching your city for the Lord are great, but are you using ALL the resources – “talents” – that God has given to you to reach the lost?  If not, you are doing like the man who hid his talent until his Lord came back and then he told him he buried it in the ground.

What if the Lord came back this year?  He could and might.  Could you say that you have done everything possible to reach the lost?  Could you say you used every talent?  What will you say if the Lord asks you why you never bought the Automated Church Prospecting System?  What will you do?  I believe that never before in the history of the world have we had a chance to get the gospel to EVERY CREATURE.  We have a system that dials as many as 10,000 people in one hour.  One church did that for a special day and had 40 new families come to their special day.  Have you tried to have a day like that?  You could if you had this system.

Do you really believe that Jesus is coming back?  If so, are you doing EVERYTHING you can.  If you don’t have our system yet, you are not doing everything you can and you will most likely be ashamed to tell the Lord that you had a chance to have this system but you “hid it in the sand” like the man in the story from the bible.  Why don’t you make this the best year in your church?  Why don’t you reach as many people as you can this year?  Why don’t you actually live as if Jesus really is coming back and you want to alert as many thousands as you can so He will say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”?

Contact me today, Pastor David Williams of Bay Area Baptist Ministries, and let me give you the SOUL-WINNING TOOL OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

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