We have called thousands of pastors and sold a number of the Automated Church Prospecting System to pastors and churches.  We have just updated our website and decided that we would begin to provide updates whenever something exciting happens with Automated Church Prospecting.  Here is our latest story:

A pastor in Mississippi just bought the system and received his site, software, and database.  He called me on Saturday with exciting news.  He decided after much prayer to run a campaign where he told those receiving a call that their church wanted to pray for the needs of the people in the community so if they had a prayer request to please press one.  To his utter excitement and joy, he called me after having received 57 new prospects by way of prayer requests.  Now that he has their name, phone number, and information about their need, he plans to have the church pray for the needs and also to follow up on those who gave a prayer request to also invite them to church or win them to the Lord.

There is nothing better than to go visiting to a home that has no problem with inviting the pastor in because they had given a prayer request.  How many other churches in America would like to receive these kind of results?  It is possible with a system that can call up to 10,000 homes in one hour.

Not only can you call new people asking for prayer requests, but you can contact church members for special occasions, elderly, bus children, teens, young married, and middle aged.   The system also has a new option, video email.  With video email, you can record a video and then email that to every church member as well so you will have more than one system.  There are also landing pages which will give you prospects and direct those prospects to your church site as well as sending you an email with the prospect’s name, email, and phone number.

One thing to keep in mind.  If your voice broadcast is too much about you and not about the prospect, you may not get the results you want.  If you pray about it and find a way to minister to the need of the one receiving the call, you will find that people respond.  People are hurting.  Our country is having problems.  Christ is coming back soon.  People definitely need prayer and they need a friend.  Try to be that friend and see what happens.

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