Populations change constantly and people move in and out of your area.  Our database supplier will do for you as he has done for several of our churches already, provide you with a new database for your state.  I will then take whatever .zip codes you name and upload the database to your Church Prospecting account for you.  One of our pastors in a low population area got 1000 more prospects on his new list than he had in the old one from a couple of years ago.  We also have put a post on this site about how to re-hash the list so you can call back to those prospects who were away and did not answer, or busy, or perhaps there was a circuit busy or congestion.  In smaller communities it is not wise to use a full 200 lines to make your calls, please try lowering the number of lines to limit congestion calling into your area if you notice high congestion.  You can order your new list at the front of our site by clicking on the menu where the PayPal option is and you will find “New Database” for your state – $100.  In addition you should pay $50 for me to upload the database into your system.  So, you should choose the option “Custom Payment” and then in the “Other Amount” box type in $150 and for explanation below that type in “Database and upload.”  Here is what it will look like:











Write me with any questions and make sure you send me the .zip codes you wish me to load into your Church Prospecting system.   You should be using the system now to run a FALL CAMPAIGN and get people to your church this fall.  Don’t miss this opportunity to do this.  We have another post about promoting your church with different themes every week.  Use those ideas and see how your church will explode with new visitors and souls saved.

Written on September 20th, 2018 , Ideas and Tips for Church Prospecting

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