Please follow this list of screen shots to set up a campaign:

Click on “LOG IN” at the upper right

Click on “Membership Login”

Place your Username and Password

Check the box “I Agree”

Check the next box “I Agree”

Check the Third Box and then type in “I ACCEPT” AND CLICK ON THE GREEN LETTER BUTTON

View Account Configuration and  Balance

Set up your voice message or view existing messages

Set up Caller ID for campaign

Click on the upper right to load a list at the link “Phone Lists” on the left. Make sure you only upload CSV or text files.  The above window will come up.  First name the list and then browse for the list you want and click “Next.”

Click on “Lead Phone” to the left and then click the phone number column at the top to highlight both in green.

Click on “Extern ID” (means external ID) and click the top of the phone number column.  It means you chose the phone number column for the first two identifiers on the left.

The next three identifiers on the left are First, Middle, and Last name.  Do each one separately and choose the column that applies to each.  Most databases don’t have a “Title” or “Suffix.”  I never use those.

Middle name same as above.

Same as the last two above, last name to the left and last name column.

After First Middle and Last Name put address, the next example is for apartment or lot #.

Lot# or apartment #


This is for state!

Zip Code – many have the extra 4 numbers.

Many databases do not have email but if they do, use this option.

Notice the “Save” button at the lower right of the last frame.  After loading your list click this and you will be sent to the page with all the lists.  Wait a minute or two and click “Refresh List” to view the newly uploaded list.

After clicking “Refresh List” the new database appears at the top of all lists.

Next on your links to the left is “Schedule.” Generally I leave it as is and just name it “General.”  The schedule can be set for start and stop times for any day of the week.  If you don’t use that feature you can just start manually by changing from “Pause” to “Active” and then back to “Pause” when the campaign is done or when you have enough leads to stop the campaign.  Always make sure that you have the current date when you re-start a campaign.

This shows how you can either leave it open or slide the start and stop times for custom schedule.

Creating a campaign. 

Click the “New Campaign” button for a new campaign.

Above is a video that shows the “Campaign Wizard” The first thing to do is name the campaign on the upper left.  Next chose the campaign type.  A “Simple” campaign only gives your list a message with you ability to respond.  The best kind of campaign is “Press 1” which elicits a response from the prospect, thus creating a live lead that you can use for your visitation program.  Below “Campaign Type” is “Campaign State” which is defaulted to “Paused” until you change it to “Active” which starts the campaign running until you again change it to “Pause” which you can do several times if your schedule is left open as explained above on “Schedule.”  Below Campaign state is a place for two messages since our system recognizes both live answer and answering machine.  For a “Press 1” campaign you need to end the “Answer Message” with a statement, “…for more information press one now…” but for a machine message you have the same message initially but replace this last statement with, “…for more information please call…..” and add your contact phone.  When creating the new campaign the start date will be defaulted to the day you create the campaign.

When you double click on either the “Answer Message” or the “Machine message” you will see this window open where all your messages are stored.  

Please double click on the one you need as in the highlighted one above called 


After double clicking on Answer Message above, your message will now be loaded as above.  Then do the Machine message.

This shows the “Machine Message” being highlighted.  Double click on this one also to load it in your campaign.

As you can see, both messages are now loaded.  After you finish this page click “Next”

Now you will set up several things.  Please use the same settings you see here.  The only thing missing is “Caller ID” so you need to click the blue link to the right of the * Select a Caller ID

Actually this is defaulted to “Max Passes” (1) but should be changed to (2). The check boxes are set so your system will redial on “Intercept,” “Busy,” or (Other) which is fax tone or similar. You don’t want to redial on No answer or Machine or people will think you are harassing them with calls. You can change the “Max Ports” to 50 or 100 to slow the campaign because the system will call so fast you may not be able to answer or follow up on too many at a time. Just test different amounts. Also, you can up the number of “Max Xfer Ports” so you will get more responses, especially if you are using Gmail Voice to answer the calls. If you are answering live the number should be as above.

When you have clicked on “Select Caller ID” you get this window.  You should already have one on the left but if not, you can create one as shown here.

Had you created a “Caller ID” in step one it will be seen here and just double-click on the highlighted “Caller ID” and it will now appear in the space where you first clicked the blue link.

This shows the “Caller ID” after double clicking on the above frame.  After completing this page click “Next.”

The next window after clicking “Next” will be to chose a “Schedule” from the drop-down menu or click the box for a “Custom Schedule” and when finished with either click “Next.”

Next, choose a phone list from your list of uploaded lists for this particular campaign as shown above and then click “Save” to complete the wizard.

Now you will see the new campaign listed in your “Campaign List” so you will need to double-click the campaign to run it or edit any of the things you have just set up like a different list or message.

After double-clicking on your campaign you open this control panel.  You can now change the campaign from “Paused” to “Active” and you will notice that your first message has been transferred to the tab for “Survey Question.”

This is what you will see.  It is set to “1” for a “Press 1” campaign.  Also, don’t forget to check the box “Record Transfer” so all your prospects are recorded when the campaign is finished.  You will also notice tabs for “Schedule,” “Phone Lists,” “Survey Questions,” and “Rehash.”  This allows you to edit any part of the campaign.  “Rehash” is to re-create the list after the campaign has used all the numbers.

This is the lower part of the campaign configuration display two frames earlier showing the lower part and the adjustments that were made during the Campaign Wizard.  In order to test your campaign click on “Test Call” and insert your phone number, then save it.  You will get a call from the system so you can hear what your messages sounds like to a prospect.

This next link is entitled “DNC Manager” where anyone that complains and does not want to be called can be protected by adding their number to the internal DNC and it will be saved in the system so they won’t receive any other calls when you rehash to list for another campaign.

Under STATS & REPORTING you can find several ways to get results of your campaign.  If confused call and we can help.

For any questions regarding any of this, please do not hesitate to call me at 727-223-5910 and I can walk you through the whole thing or any part.  Also, we have excellent “Tech Support” that we can enlist for any glitch or problem you encounter.


Written on September 17th, 2017 , Tutorial for Using the System

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