By Pastor David Williams

It has been said that the best way to reach people for Christ is to have many hooks in the water.  We have the Church Prospecting system on this site but if you want to use it most effectively, let me give you some ideas of other types of ministry and outreach your church can consider having in order to reach as many people as possible in your area.

1. Soul-Winning – old fashioned door to door winning people to Christ in their homes and bringing them to church to make their public profession of faith in Him and follow the Lord in Believers’ Baptism. Also, we will be using our phone system to call hundreds in just a short time.
2. Bus Ministry – bringing them in from all parts of the area even from as far as Tampa. Having a fun program on the bus and reaching the children, elderly people that cannot drive, rest homes that need transportation, and reaching whole families for Jesus Christ.

3. Youth Ministry – reaching teens for Christ through several means:
* Teen-age soul-winning – teens winning teens to the Lord.
* Friday night youth activity – the greatest teen date night every week with a Christian emphasis and to win visitors to the Lord.
* Public School Bible Clubs – winning them in the Public schools through bible clubs on campus.
* Blue Denim & Lace – teen girls’ club teaching them Christian character and graces.
* Afternoon program – for bus teens to stay all day at church for activities, training, sports, banquets, and character training.
* Baptist Boys Batallion – training teen boys to be leaders and men of God.

4. College Ministry – Ministering to students on college campuses in your area.

5. Telemarketing for soul-winning (Church Prospecting System) – the ministry of calling people, asking them a series of survey questions and making appointments for soul-winners to visit in their homes.

6. Hospital Ministry – visiting the sick and dying in the hospital to comfort them and win them to Jesus Christ.

7. Elderly Care Ministry – visiting the sick & shut-ins to comfort them in rest homes and at home. Bringing them flowers, singing and having short services in rest homes and winning them to the Savior.

8. Welcome Committee – Church version of the welcome wagon, welcoming new people to area, & giving house warming gifts to new move-ins and new home owners.

9. We Care About You Ministry- bringing love, cheer, baby gift and help to new mothers; bringing food, flowers and love to families of bereaved in their hour of need.

10. Jail Ministry – preaching in all the jails in the area and ministering to the families of the prison inmates as well as helping them to rehab when they get out.

11. Military Ministry – ministering to military personel and their families and providing those that need it a ride from the base to the church.

12. Deaf Ministry – ministering to deaf and their families, providing activities to them and winning them to Christ.

13. Blind Ministry – reaching the blind and giving them transportation to church through a series of vans and small busses.

14. Mentally Retarded Ministry – reaching the mentally impared children and adults, bringing them to church and winning them to the Lord and teaching them the Word of God.

15. Spanish Ministry – ministering in Spanish to those that cannot speak english so that the whole family may come to church together.

16. Homes Ministries – Ministering to the homeless, abused, and needy of all walks of life and families.

* Boys’ home for troubled youth – those that have been in trouble or on drugs and need a place that loves and rehabs them with a strong emphasis on health, Bible learning, and replacing bad habits with good in a Christian home environment.
* Girls’ home for troubled girls – a pregnancy center and help for troubled girls who, like the boys above, have been on drugs or have become pregnant out of wedlock. Helping them to adopt their babies out to good Christian homes and training and working with them to change their lives for the better.
* Family Shelter – a place for complete families that have lost their homes or apartments because of no work or any other tragedy. Providing them with a home environment, Christian training, food, shelter, and help getting back up on their feet.
* Rescue Mission (Reformers Unanimous) – a place for men who have found themselves homeless and unable to cope with life because of alcohol or drugs and to give them Bible preaching daily, food, shelter, and cloting. Most of all to provide love and compassion and the chance to turn their life around.
* Elderly Care – providing a place for either couples who have a need for a Christian retirement center or for those that cannot take care of themselves any longer so that the family will be assured that they are in loving Christian hands and not charged exhorbitant prices that a family cannot afford.

17. Truck Stop Ministry – ministering to truck stops and having a service for them at the stop and offering transportation to church for any that are laid over for the weekend.

18. Music Ministry – a staff of Christian professional musicians that dedicate themselves to the ministry of providing music for the services of all the other ministries in the church.

19. Children’s Ministries – Sunday School for all ages where the teachers not only teach on Sunday, but they also visit the families during the week and minister to the families. Children’s camp, DVBS in Summer, and an assortment of youth clubs at the church for Bible training and character building all during the week. These would be similar to boy scouts, girl scouts, and other such Christian clubs for church members.

20. Christian Schools – providing day-care, elementary, middle school, and high school for all church members as part of the ministry of the church. Providing a way for underprivileged families to send their children to school without having to pay any tuition so that no student is left behind in their chance to earn a Christian education.

21. Advertizing Ministry – a ministry to the community where a staff is constantly preparing news paper, radio, and T.V. adds that have the purpose of reaching people and winning them to Christ.

22. Internet Ministry – a special ministry that works through the internet in providing help and Bible answers to seekers on the internet.

24. Radio Ministry – an extension of the church into the homes of the community every day giving them a taste of what it is like to be a part of the Church with a Heart.

24. T.V. Ministry – giving a sample of the “Church With A Heart” by way of a weekly program on major television that will show people many of the above ministries and how they benefit families all over the Tampa Bay Area.

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