testimonialsTestimonials from churches using a telecomputer costing up to $3500.

Automated Church Prospecting can do the same thing with far less cost! In addition we provide a data base that will help you reach everyone within 75 miles of your church. This data base alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars. It includes everything about each resident, age, value of home, rent or own, name address, phone and zip code in an Excel Data Base which can be sorted dozens of ways.

“The weekly call to all my church constituents on file has caused so much growth I never need to canvas the community anymore.” –California

“The benefits of being in touch with all my people weekly is more than I could have imagined.” –Illinois

“Our attendance and offerings have risen 23% the Sundays after we make the Saturday weekly pastor’s call.” –Pennsylvania

“My added offerings in three months time calling church constituents with Andrew, our telecomputer, have paid for the entire program and computer.” –Florida

“Andrew, our telecomputer, is in use all the time. Our calling teams always ask for these prospects.” –Connecticut

“I had one family that was sitting in their home dressed in their Sunday Best waiting for me to show them how to be saved.” – Florida

“We used voice broadcasting when I was planting churches. The system would run giving us hundreds of people to visit when the soul-winning team arrived.” Pennsylvania

“We use our system to contact every member once a week and the people love the message from the pastor and his wife.” – Texas

“In my first campaign with Church Prospecting we found a lady who said no one from her church ever called or visited her. She came Sunday and now wants to keep coming back. We also have someone coming next week. This is working great!” Delaware

“The lady that came last week brought her mother this week and wants to keep coming. Also, a new visitor was there this week who came because he wanted “good preaching” and his comment on the visitor card was that he liked the friendly atmosphere and preaching. Another pastor called to see how we liked our system and we recommended it to him based upon our results. Our system is working great!” Delaware

“In my first campaign I got 5 prospects and one of them was interested in our Christian School.  Praise God, this works great and I want to run it as often as possible.”  Wisconsin

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