It’s EASTER SUNDAY, Pastor, the most important day on the Christian Calendar, a day when many of us Christians hashtag our tweets with #HeIsRisen. For America’s churches, Easter is the busiest Sunday of the year. According to statistics, more Americans attend church on Easter than on any other day, many congregations reporting swells in attendance ranging from 25 to 50 percent. Most Baptists are hoping that their Easter service will break down some walls for the unchurched.

Now let me ask, what will bring these unsaved, unchurched people to your church this Sunday? Let me give you a great idea! Call thousands of new prospects near and around your congregation with a Voice Broadcast System. I will set you up with one and you will get a free database of your whole state included with the system. I will help load your desired zip codes and help you make your message. Imagine calling thousands of new people in just a few minutes of time with a special Easter message. No fear, it is easy to use off your computer and no extra phone lines are needed because it is a digital, online system from our vendor that has thousands of phone lines and you can call on up to 100 lines at one time. You can literally call 10,000 people in one hour.

Go to and watch the video. Check out the website and listen to sample messages that other pastors have used who own the system already. They are getting results that you would love to have also. Call me any time at 727 223 5910.

If Christians really believe in the story of Jesus, if we really believe that the resurrection story is relevant to our lives in the here and now then we should be doing all we can to invite the unsaved to our Easter Service.

Written on April 14th, 2019 , Church Prospecting Update

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