FallProgramPastor, this is the time of year that most churches I know begin to think about a campaign for attendance and soul-winning to go along with children going back to school and football season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  What a beautiful time of year, leaves changing, people feeling good because the end of the hot summer is drawing to a close and excitement is in the air.  We have new churches signing up on a regular basis because it makes sense to have such an inexpensive way to reach people in times when the economy has suffered, T.V., Radio, and printed advertisements can put a real strain on any church budget.  When you think that you can contact thousands of people for ONE PENNY per connected call, WHO WOULD MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to get the gospel out more  than ever as the second coming of our Lord draws near.  Have you thought about your fall campaign?  Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  1. Round-up Sunday – everyone dress Western – hot dogs and trimmings – winner get’s gift certificate to steak house.
  2. Transportation day – come to church on bikes, old cars, horses, motorcycles, walk, roller-skate, skateboard, and more – winner gets ride in old fashioned car or race car brought in for the occasion, could be horse as well.
  3. Noah’s Ark Sunday, bring animals in cages or on leash (within reason) – or set up petting zoo or take bus kids to one, free horse-back rides – winner gets gift certificate to pet store for $50 worth of things for pets.
  4. Baseball Sunday (around time of World Series) dress in your colors, free baseball to visitors, gift certificate to sports store for one bringing most visitors.
  5. Hobo Sunday – Wear miss-matched shoes, socks, clothes, ties, dresses, and dingy hats.  Make a HOBO STEW with everyone bring a can of something – best miss-match and/or bring most visitors get a gift certificate to clothing store – have a hay ride after church.
  6. Hat Day – most unusual hat gets a prize and most visitors gets a gift certificate to a buffet restaurant.
  7. Family Picture Day – set up a location for every family to have their picture made.  Winner’s family goes out with Pastor’s family or for dinner.
  8. BIG DAY!  OLD FASHIONED SUNDAY!  Everyone dresses old fashioned.  Special music, special preaching,  gospel quartet (could be some men lip singing with quartet tape, little guy is the base, big guy is the high tenor), give away some big prize as the final day of the campaign.  (One church gave away a car one time – bought for only $1000, someone in the church painted it – it was the old Dodge with a wing on back.  A Greek Kid brought 3 busloads of people to win the car).  Break your church attendance, gave away Bibles to every visitor.  Have a Sunday Evening candle light service with HELL FIRE preaching and AMEN, PRAISE THE LORD offering.  (Ushers say “Amen” for $5 in the plate, “Praise the Lord” for $10 in the plate, “Glory to God” for $20 in the plate, and have a SHOUTING SPELL for $100 bill in the plate.)  Have special music groups, guest quartet or anything you can get to draw a crowd.  After Sunday Morning service have a potluck dinner on the grounds,  EVERYONE COMES FOR FOOD.

With your AUTOMATED CHURCH PROSPECTING SYSTEM you can advertise every one of these special days and have more people than ever before.  Every department of the church can promote related to the theme of the day.  Your church will have such a great  time that people will hear about it in the whole area.  Be the most exciting church in your town and your AUTOMATED CHURCH PROSPECTING SYSTEM can let everyone know each week (church members and visitors) what the promotion is for the coming week.  This is GUARANTEED to give you results.  Try it!  EXPECT GREAT THINGS FROM GOD, ATTEMPT GREAT THINGS FOR GOD.  Contact us so you can be one of our growing number of churches that have the AUTOMATED CHURCH PROSPECTING SYSTEM.

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