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I wrote to the company to find out how to get the best prices for our system. On the list below, it is per minute so since our messages are generally ½ minute, the cost would be half of what is shown. Also, we charge for the first 30 seconds and then 12 second increments so that the cost won’t jump up to a full minute if the message goes 1 or 2 seconds over the base cost for 30 seconds. The prices are all based upon much more than our churches are spending and because of that our cost is a little higher than even the lowest shown here. Generally each church is at .030 to .035 so half of that would be .015 to .0175. If any church wants to lower their cost the amounts and what you would achieve are listed below:

Entry Level
70,000 minutes

90,000 minutes


170,000 minutes

Large Business
230,000 minutes

350,000 minutes

550,000 Minutes

900,000 minutes

1.4 million minutes

Eventually I want to get the Wholesale price so we all have better rates. I am working on some business options in order to make this happen. But right now, even the rate we have allows thousands of calls for pennies if you keep the message around 30 seconds.

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Written on March 4th, 2018 , Ideas and Tips for Church Prospecting

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