We have always been excited about the AUTOMATED CHURCH PROSPECTING SYSTEM.  I helped one of our new pastors run a campaign this past weekend.  The event was called “Truck or Treat” which was a safe alternative for families who want to give their children a place to have Halloween fun.  The system called 10,000 people in one hour and the cost was only around $42.  The pastor had made a masterful message telling about the event, the location, and the name of the church.  After the campaign, I sent him a graphic report of the calls showing how many answered live, how many went to voice mail and more.  His answer was quite exciting:

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Gary Caudill


Pastor Williams,

Just thought I’d let you know that I personally followed up with an elderly couple this evening that we first reached out to in January of this year with our church prospecting prayer ministry. They were facing losing their home due to burdensome expenses that got them behind. Our church began to pray, and when I called them this evening, he was ecstatic! He told me that he meant to call me sooner, but that they had misplaced my number. He went on to testify that God had answered our prayers, and that someone had mailed them a donation large enough to catch them back up on their house payments. When they got the check in the mail, he told his wife that our church was praying for them, and he said they began to shout and cry and praise God for answered prayer! I was overjoyed as tears swelled up in my eyes to know that God used us to make such a difference in this elderly couple’s life by simply praying for their needs. God is still answering prayers!!!

Pastor Gary Caudill

The Way of the Cross Baptist Church

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I have never done this before but here are the messages from my campaign on Sunday between 2:00PM to 4:00PM.  There were 27 that pushed one but others called either from the message machine or caller ID and left messages so we had about 35 total but these are just the good messages from the campaign:

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ChristianMarriedCoupleI was calling some of our pastors who had bought systems over a year ago and one of them told me a wonderful story.  He said that he was eating dinner today with a couple that had come back when he got his Church Prospecting System which cost more than our existing system.  The husband and wife came to church as a result of the call.  He said that one week she walked the aisle for salvation and the next week the husband walked the aisle for salvation.  This pastor also said that if this was the only result from having the Church Prospecting System, the money spent would worth the result of having a family saved and still coming to church a year later.  Don’t give up, keep trying and God will bless your church and your use of the SOUL-WINNING TOOL OF THE 21ST CENTURY.  If you have not signed up for the new system yet, you may do so for only $200 plus minutes by visiting the front page of Automated Church Prospecting and find the link on the front page or click on the “Sign Up” tab at the top right.  Follow the prompts until you get to a form.  Fill out the form and we will give you the new system WITH NO MONTHLY COST.

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A pastor in Mississippi called me this evening and said he just ran his third campaign and got 79 new prospects.  He said he has run three campaigns in his area and has so many prospects to follow up on that he is training people in his church to visit them and witness to them.  The people of the community are excited about a church with a new way to reach people and it is causing quite a buzz.  While this is just a short note, expect to hear more from this pastor as he sends us a personal testimony about the thrill his church is getting from his voice broadcasting system.

We have called thousands of pastors and sold a number of the Automated Church Prospecting System to pastors and churches.  We have just updated our website and decided that we would begin to provide updates whenever something exciting happens with Automated Church Prospecting.  Here is our latest story:

A pastor in Mississippi just bought the system and received his site, software, and database.  He called me on Saturday with exciting news.  He decided after much prayer to run a campaign where he told those receiving a call that their church wanted to pray for the needs of the people in the community so if they had a prayer request to please press one.  To his utter excitement and joy, he called me after having received 57 new prospects by way of prayer requests.  Now that he has their name, phone number, and information about their need, he plans to have the church pray for the needs and also to follow up on those who gave a prayer request to also invite them to church or win them to the Lord.

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One of our pastors just ran his first campaign and he got 5 new prospects and one of them was a candidate for his Christian school.  Any pastor that has not bought this system is missing out on one of the great blessings in modern day technology and a great tool for the ministry.  Please visit our front page now and at the bottom you will find the link to sign up.  You get hundreds of thousands of leads with your system and access to much more.  God will bless you as you use this system for His glory.

Pastor David Williams

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A pastor called me today all excited.  They just had their 2nd year anniversary for the church.  They had 160 in attendance, they had 10 saved and 4 baptized.  Then he told me the story about a mother and daughter that were driving around Saturday talking about their church that had just disbanded.  They actually said that they had better start to do a diligent search for a church because no one will ever find them.  This pastor had used our Church Prospecting System that Saturday to tell people about the anniversary Sunday.  When these two ladies returned home, they had a message on their answering machine from the church, inviting them to come.  They told the pastor, “We had just said we need to find a church because no one will find us, but you found us with your message.”  They were there at church and enjoyed the services.  This could be the story of your church with Church Prospecting.  Don’t miss a chance to have the Soul-winning Tool of the 21st Century.

Pastor David Williams

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