I have never done this before but here are the messages from my campaign on Sunday between 2:00PM to 4:00PM.  There were 27 that pushed one but others called either from the message machine or caller ID and left messages so we had about 35 total but these are just the good messages from the campaign:

  • This is Victor (inaudible) Thank-you, Bye, Bye.
  • Yes, my name is Cindy and I just need some prayer I’m in intermission from cancer and I think it’s back just need some prayer like to make it through this. Your your phone call just came seem to come at the right time. Please just pray for me and my son.
  • Please pray for my mother who is in the hospital. Call ………. and I am sure she would really appreciate it. We need all the help we can get, Thank-you.Mom- L……… H…………. – Daughter – D………. H……….. – wants us o meet them at the hospital to all pray.
  • Pray for me to get all my bills paid on time and pray that I can get some money, bye.
  • This is Melissa, I life in Tarpon Springs. They’re all going to Hell. They don’t know if Jesus Christ. Is there a savior.  I have a neighbor is here that that ungodly. Thank you
  • This is J………, I need relief from depression. Thanks for calling, much love J………
  • I’m praying for my family to quit their fighting among each other and have peace; for my daughter D……… health and for my health because I have to go for a PET test to prove that I have cancer in my (lung or mind) or not. God bless you, Thank-you.
  • Please pray that my kids will get here today, they are still on the road and hould have been hear hours ago. Thank-you.
  • (Child) I want you to pray that I won’t have to leave my mom, I love you, no I hate you Wait, I don’t even know you.
  • I would love to have you pray for me. I have to get a whole lot better. Then when i a m. I’m trying. Very Hard. I just joined an exercise class in the water. But I need more help than that. Thank you very much for calling.
  • Good Afternoon. Thank-you for your prayer line. I want to thank God for everything he has given me in my life.  I want everything to go well for my son and his wife. Thank-you very much.
  • I would pray that Lord open the eyes of my two brothers hearts that they may see the truth and serve the Lord with Joy and devotion. They have some issues that need to resolve. Thank-you, God bless you and may the Lord shine upon us.
  • I have two children that are not living the Christian life, I want them to change thank-you for calling.
  • I want you to pray for me and I want you to pray for my father in the hospital getting an operation
  • Hello, Pastor Williams, my name is S………. W……….., ………… I’m curious where your church is located at, we’re in Pasco County. I’m curious where you are at, we are in Port Richie. Give me a message back and I look forward to hearing from you.

As you see there are 15 fairly good messages.  I have already spoken to a lady that wants to meet us at the hospital to pray with her dying mother and sister.  Others have begged for prayer and one man wants to find out about the church.  I used 50 lines and ran this for 2 hours.  The cost was about $39.  Every pastor and church can have the same results.  The great thing about all of these is that if I call on their home I will get invited in because of the prayer line and they expect to hear from us.

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